Restarting in Path of Exile is the best way to return skill points

There are more than 1,200 nodes in Path of Exile for players to use, and you need to use all the skill points you get while upgrading, so that you can reach powerful nodes. But you need to pay attention that if you make a mistake during the build, there are only a few ways to fix it.
Path of Exile doesn’t allow you to totally reset your Passive Skill Tree. If you’re over level 20 and unhappy along with your build, most players recommend you only start yet again.
If you’re timely and you don’t want to Buy POE Currency create the error of ruining your Passive Skill Tree, we recommend you decide a build for whatever character class you’re playing. As an example, a Marauder builds from PoE Vault comes with an entire breakdown of the abilities you would like. You'll follow another player’s build guide to ensure you don’t break your Passive Skill Tree.
There is just one instance where you'll completely reset your Passive Skill Tree. If Grinding Gear Games drastically alters the skill tree between seasons, the studio may offer an entire, free to reset for players.
This isn’t exactly a reliable occurrence. If you’re desperate for a more powerful build, the simplest advice is to easily start over.
In Path of Exile, you'll unlock refund points for your character. By completing the game’s main story, you'll earn around 20 refund points. You'll also use a rare consumable called the Orb of Regret to earn more refund points.
If you have got refund points, you'll activate them at the highest of your Passive Skill Tree and deselect a skill you’ve already unlocked. But you'll only refund nodes at the Path of Exile Currency tip of your unlock branches — you can’t refund a skill that's connecting two other skills together. If you wish to require your character in a very very different direction, it’s almost impossible with the limited supply of refund points you earn within the campaign.
You better find a guide and stick to it until you learn how to make a guide. This will save you a lot of trouble during the game.